Five Novels, Come and Git ‘Em, Git Yer Fresh Literature Here!

Recently, a friend asked where she could find my books. The answer is a little bit complicated. I’ve been honoured to have had five novels published. Of those, only one is still in print, for reasons sad and sorry that I will not elaborate here! The main question is: if you want my books, can you get them? The answer is, YES! From me! I am happy to ship them, and the cost of the book(s) plus shipping will not be more than the cover price. For realsies, people. So if you are looking for some Newfoundland folklore mixed with gritty realism, or a-town-like-Peterborough weirdness, sadness, and magic, or some rollicking and filthy SF, or some glorious young adult fantasy, seek ye no further! Contact me and ye shall receive! You can, of course, also look on the behemoth Amazon and will likely find copies there too.

My books, in order of publication:

Winner of the Sunburst Award’s Honourable Mention

“Kate Story’s debut novel is an unlikely marriage of Newfoundland’s oldest traditional lore with the contemporary urban world of St. John’s and Toronto. The result is raw and strange and hilarious and affecting. Ruby Jones—itinerant waitress, sometime nude model, budding alcoholic—admits early on that tenderness and rage are her “heart language.” Blasted offers both in spades.”
—Michael Crummey, author of River Thieves, The Wreckage, Galore, and Sweetland

“. . . a strange, shining, soaring thing brimming with beauty and terror, pain and love, insight and redemption.” —Ursula Pflug, author of The Alphabet Stones, Green Music, Mountain, and After the Fires

“I fell in love with these characters: saintly and monstrous, wrecked but not lost —castaways all. Kate Story is one of those rare writers who can plumb the darkness and retrieve from the depths a jewel, a truth, luminous and redemptive. A magical and moving novel. Prepare to be transported.” — Jessica Grant, author of Come, Thou Tortoise
(Note: this one is still in print, and available from Breakwater Books!)

“Exotic, funny and very sexy . . .”
—Alex Good, Science Fiction Book Picks, The Toronto Star

“An ambitious deep space retelling of The Tempest that would have delighted Shakespeare and Sagan in equal measure.” —Eric Choi, Aurora Award-winning author and editor

“Story has penned a sexy, sophisticated future-Shakespearean romp. Ambitious, rich, magical, and a joy to read.” —Kelly Robson, author of Gods, Monsters, and the Lucky Peach, A Human Stain, and Waters of Versailles


“You know a good book as soon as you start it. It sings to you and makes an immediate connection. That’s what happened to me with Kate Story’s Antilia. I loved everything about the book.” -– Charles de Lint, author of The Onion Girl and The Wind in His Heart

“I fell in love with Antilia from the first page. With this book, you say to yourself, ‘I’ll just read a bit more,’ and then suddenly it’s three in the morning and you’re sorry because now the story will be over too soon. Kate Story has created an utterly contemporary, exquisitely imagined parallel-world fantasy with a deeply satisfying plot and unforgettable characters (including a few I wish I could forget). Ophelia and Rowan, Pim (oh, Pim!) and Ari, got under my skin and into my heart and stayed there long after the book was done.” —Holly Bennett, author of The Bonemender, Shapeshifter, and Drawn Away

“Sword and Song is a well-written and imaginative story with vivid descriptions. With its descriptive and complicated plot and well-drawn characters, the novel should appeal to readers of adventure and fantasy tales. The ending will leave readers eagerly waiting for the second and final volume, Seer and Sacrifice. Highly recommended.” — Ronald Hore, CM: Canadian Review of Materials Volume XXVI / Issue 35 – May 15 / 2020

Just to alleviate any confusion – Antilia is a duology. There are only two books, and these are them!

Thank you for caring about books. In these troubled times, they are more important than ever. Health and joy and good reading to all!


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