URCHIN a GG Finalist!

I never thought I’d see the day when a book featuring a misfit genderqueer kid from the Southside Road would be a finalist for a big award. So many people got this book to where it is, especially Marnie Parsons of the heroic Running the Goat Books and Broadsides. My heart overflows.


And thank you to regional journalists kawarthaNOW for this thoughtful article! (Which also plugs my upcoming one-person show “Anxiety,” about Beowulf, the English language, growing up the daughter of a Newfoundland lexicographer, and the rise of white supremacy. But it’s cheerful. In scattered places. And I am excited to perform it.) Independent artists are always doing the next thing. It’s how we roll.

But in the meantime, I am taking deep breaths of gratitude for the recognition Urchin has garnered, and for all those who have read it.



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