Book Launch for Antilia: Seer and Sacrifice!

Book two (and final) of the Antilia series is about to be LAUNCHED, baby! Sandra Kasturi of ChiZine Publications says, it’s as if George R. R. Martin went to Narnia. And wrote about it. And finished what he wrote.

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Speculative Chic

I adored chatting with the fine folx at Speculative Chic about some of my favourite (speculative) things!

My Favorite Things with Kate Story

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Sunburst Award longlist!

I am so thrilled that book one of the Antilia duology made the longlist for the Sunburst Awards! Pretty good for a book with no ending…

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Reading – with cocktails!

Exile posted this video, shot by Dan English in Peterborough’s wonderful Sapphire Lounge! Me reading my story “Martinis, My Dear, Are Dangerous” published in Over the Rainbow, edited by Derek Newman-Stille.

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Speculating Canada reviews This Insubstantial Pageant!

O, wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here!

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I am THRILLED to announce the release of my first YA Fantasy novel, Antilia: Sword and Song. Here’s the link! Launch news coming soon!


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This Insubstantial Pageant: Toronto Star top pick!

I could not have been more thrilled to be included in this list! Dream come true.

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Where The Seas Roll Up Their Thunder

Any Newfoundlander knows the beautiful song “Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary’s.” It’s filled with longing, and never fails to bring a tear to my eye (I’m a soft sort). But in this story I wrote a tough-minded character, an older woman with an irritation for her species and a connection to something larger, older, and… beyond. Set on the magical Bell Island, Where The Seas has garnered this insightful review by the indomitable Derek Newman-Stille. Thank you for all you do, Derek, for Canadian speculative fiction. And thank you to the wonderful editors of Those Who Make Us, Kelsi Morris and Kaitlin Tremblay!

Truths in Fiction

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This Insubstantial Pageant

I am thrilled to announce that my third novel, This Insubstantial Pageant, is out. ChiZine Publications took a chance on this sci-fi romp (it’s “The Tempest”… in space!), producing a beautiful book with stunning artwork by Erik Mohr, design by Sam Beiko, and interior design by Jared Shapiro (with a surprise at the end!).

I wrote it when I was in the mood for something lighthearted, which these days sometimes means something off-world. And the energetic cheer that bubbles up through Shakespeare’s text never fails to buoy me up. However, other themes came through in the writing: colonization, sex, and power. I truly believe there is something in the book for almost everybody. It is available in corporeal and other forms; links can be found on CZP’s site:


Insubstantial Pageant_FINAL

I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it!

“An ambitious deep space retelling of The Tempest that would have delighted Shakespeare and Sagan in equal measure.”
—Eric Choi, Aurora Award-winning author and editor

“Kate Story’s writing is inventive, rich with ideas that will make your head spin. She combines this imagination with keen insight into human nature and insider knowledge of the world of the stage. The resulting stories are rich pageants, tying the comforting to the unsettling and the familiar to the bizarre.”
—A.M. Dellamonica, author of the Aurora Award-winning Hidden Sea Tales Trilogy

“Story has penned a sexy, sophisticated future-Shakespearean romp. Ambitious, rich, magical, and a joy to read.”
—Kelly Robson, Author of Waters of Versailles, a Nebula, World Fantasy, and Sunburst Award finalist, and Aurora Award winner

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What is Means to Be An Outsider

A wonderful review of my story “Am I Not a Proud Outlier?” in the truly exceptional anthology Sum Of Us.

Speculating Canada: Canadian Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy

A review of Kate Story’s “Am I Not A Proud Outlier” in Sum of Us: Tales of the Bonded and Bound (Laksa Media Group, 2017)
By Derek Newman-Stille

In a hive, dance is crucial. Dance is the way that decisions are made, but dance is also a way of expressing dissent. Kate Story’s “Am I Not A Proud Outlier” is a tale of a space hive with typical bee like characteristics. This hive is moving from planet to planet, and colonizing as they move, but something has gone wrong in the hive. A space that is supposed to be unified has become disrupted and violence has broken out between different factions leaving a Queen without support. This hive has a caste system like most bee hives do, with certain members specialized to fulfill certain roles like building, nursing, and cleaning. But, this hive also has a role that is meant…

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