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Kate Story is a performer, director, and choreographer originally from Newfoundland, now living and working in Nogojiwanong/Peterborough, Ontario. She is a recipient of the Ontario Arts Foundation’s K.M. Hunter Artist Award, and as part of Peterborough’s centennial celebrations she was named one of the region’s 100 most important performing artists.

A multi-disciplinary performance artist, Kate creates works characterized by elements of dance, theatre and performance art, often collaborating with artists from other disciplines: musicians, choreographers, designers, visual artists, theatre directors, writers… Kate is the director for Public Energy’s Alternating Currents program, facilitating creative processes for wildly diverse artistic projects of nearly 30 artists since 2017. She was also one of the dance artists participating in Neighbourhood Dance Works’ exciting New Chapter dance project, bringing together Newfoundland dance artists for an innovative 3-year process with choreographers Christopher House and Anne Troake. Along with Ryan Kerr and Victoria Mohr-Blakeney, Kate co-founded Peterborough DanceWorks, with the mission to increase the profile and quality of local contemporary dance. Since forming in 2016 PDW has originated 7 original dance works involving 30 dance artists, presented as part of Artsweek Peterborough, Precarious Arts Work Festival, Emergency Festival, and Small Dances for a Small Space Festival. Working in partnership with Public Energy, PDW is currently running a series of workshops for local dance artists featuring Karen Kaeja, Propellor Dance, Tedd Robinson, and Denise Fujiwara.

Kate is a core artist at The Theatre on King, Peterborough’s hub for new and risk-taking performance. Artistic director of three month-long multi-arts festivals themed on precarity in Peterborough, Kate works with a wide array of arts and non-arts community partners to deliver the bi-yearly Precarious Festival, which includes workshops, learning and mentorship opportunities for youth, panel discussions, and original performance, music, visual art, and media works.

Kate has co-created and/or worked with diverse theatre and dance artists, including The Theatre on King, 4th Line, DNA Theatre, Caravan Stage Company, R. Murray Schafer, Bill James, Chartier Danse, The Nervous System, Ker Wells, and many others. Her own works cross boundaries between theatre, performance art, and dance, and have been featured in festivals and mainstage performances in Peterborough, Toronto, and St. John’s.

Author, dancer, choreographer and performer, Kate Story’s work excels at connecting psychological ephemera… delicately pierces logic, yet makes perfect sense emotionally… luminously authentic.”


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