Blasted Book Tour


Here is an somewhat sketchy photo journal of the reading/music tour undertaken by Derek Bell, Curtis Driedger, Barbara Ratz, and myself between August 26 and September 16. The first week we visited Toronto and had our big launch in Peterborough. Then we hit the road in my trusty car – first stop, Montreal – on our way to the official Killick Press launch in St. John’s.


We encountered so much kindness during our tour. People let us stay in their houses, wined and dined us, and offered their support in myriad ways. I send out a special thanks to Lynn Verge, Allison and George Calvern, Liz and Mike Brown, Wendy and Tony Michener, David Rimmington; and Leigh Kotsilidis, Don Sedgwick, and Leif Helmer for their invaluable help in suggesting connections to organize the tour. And also and always to my family – brothers Lachlan and Simon, and my Aunt Jan, were particularly helpful around this tour.


Everywhere on this tour I met wonderful people who seemed genuinely interested in Blasted and captivated by our performance. It was truly an outstanding experience.

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