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Wrecked Upon This Shore  Killick Press / Creative Book Publishing (fall 2011)

Blasted  Killick Press / Creative Book Publishing (fall 2008)

Antilia  In progress



WilyWriters.com  (Text and Audio versions – Feb. 9, 2014)

Ride This One Out  read the story
The Link (September/October 2010)

Shortlisted for CBC 2008 Literary Contest

Flame Retarded  read the story
Broken Pencil – “Best Of” Anthology
ECW Press (2009)

And she knew all the flowers  read the story
Take Out Anthology – Issue #1 (winter 2008)
(pieces compiled from “The Cooked and Eaten” Reading Series)

Flame Retarded
Broken Pencil #37 (Fall 2007)

And she knew all the flowers
Kiss Machine #14 (Spring/Summer 2007)



Is Dirtbike Guy Part Of My Neighbourhood?
Neighbourhoods – A Peterborough Anthology (Fall 2013)

Sirius B
Newfoundland Quarterly, Vol. 105, #4 (Spring 2013)

Dusk Dances in Peterborough
The Arthur (August 2004)

Beneath the Skin: Shifting Cultural Perspectives on the Body
The Dance Current, Vol. 5 Issue 8 (February 2003)

Peterborough New Dance: a retrospective
The Arthur (September 2002)



Kate’s performance works are characterized by elements of dance, theatre and performance art, often in collaboration with other artists (musicians, choreographers, designers). Written works have been produced as plays, performance art works, and theatre-dance productions.

a place you’d go to find something, something that you’d left there
Written, choreographed and performed by Kate, with original music by David Bird, this work was performed in an abandoned convent as part of Public Energy’s multi-arts festival Erring on the Mount, 2014.

As part of Emergency #20 Festival of Performance, presented by Public Energy, with musicians Derek Bell, Curtis Driedger and Charity Justrabo, performer and  designer Ryan Kerr, and director Em Glasspool.
The Theatre On King (TTOK), Peterborough 2013

All She’s Told Him
A short dance trio exploring relationships from Story’s latest novel, Wrecked Upon This Shore.
Emergency 19, Peterborough 2012

Performances May be Permanent
Initially created as a solo performance work drawing from the life and death of iconic pianist Glenn Gould, the piece explores Kate’s personal connection to the  material. Directed by Ker Wells, with design by Martha Cockshutt, and music by Derek Bell (along with Glenn Gould himself).
Artsweek, Gordon Best Theatre, Peterborough 2010
Emergency 18, Market Hall Theatre, Peterborough 2011

Skirting the Edge
A collection of six original monologues on the issue of women and mental health (Kate contributed
Green Spaces, set in a Victorian asylum). The work was sponsored by Peterborough New Dance/Public Energy, in association with the Behind the Mind’s Eye Film Festival, and in partnership with the Peterborough Regional Health Care Centre, the Canadian Mental Health Association, the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario, and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.
Mysterious Entity Theatre – Peterborough 2005, 2006 and 2007; Guelph’s Riverrun Centre (fall 2007)

The Cure for Sexual Jealousy
A collaborative work written with designer Martha Cockshutt, musician Susan Newman, writer/director Susan Spicer.
Peterborough, January 2006
“Innovative… evok(ing) feelings of jealousy as ancient as life itself… delighting the audience… It was over all too soon.”   Bea Quarrie, Peterborough Examiner

A dance-theatre collaboration based upon the work of writer/illustrator Edward Gorey, with performer Ryan Kerr, designer Martha Cockshutt, musicians Curtis Driedger and John McEwan, and other artists.
Market Hall Theatre (Peterborough, June 2004)
“A sensual duet of bodies clanging and clinging… a delightfully droll and polished evening of quips and cranks a la Gorey.”   Bea Quarrie, Peterborough Examiner

Hansel and Gretel
Adapted the tale for Arbor Theatre, 2002. Went on to workshop it with the support of the Ontario Arts Council as
Hungry, an original piece of musical theatre, with composer/lyricists Rob Fortin and Susan Newman, and director/dramaturge Susan Spicer. Public Energy, a presenter of dance and theatre, produced the full  production in their 2008 season as Hungry: A Musical Hansel and Gretel.

Crazy… Crazy Like a Fish
Written and performed by Kate Story, Music composed and performed by Curtis Driedger, Directed by Susan Spicer, Choreographed by Claudia Moore, Designed by Martha Cockshutt Peterborough New Dance’s Emergency X (Peterborough, 2002)
“Kate Story delivers a compelling and energetic performance… humourous, unsettling and memorable.”
Jonothan Fiddler, Peterborough Examiner

Crazy… Crazy Like a Fish
St. John’s Fringe Festival

Performance for an Orange and Violet Room
7a*11d Festival of Performance Art in Toronto, 1999

fFIDA (Fringe Festival of Independent Dance Artists), Toronto, 1998; Emergency, Peterborough, 1998; Significant Others Series, LSPU Hall, St. John’s, 1998
“Bold, creative work… comic and confrontational…Leaves you wanting more.”   Paul Rowe, CBC Radio
a truly manic solo… irreverent to a fault… maintains (an) integrated style.”   William Littler, Toronto Star
“The L Series is particularly strong, with Newfoundlander Kate Story offering up a humourous blend of theatre and sound… ”   Finbarr O’Reilly, The Globe and Mail

Summerworks, Toronto, 1997; St. John’s Fringe Festival, 1997; Rhubarb! Festival, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto, 1997
“I loved it, it moved me, made me laugh.”   St. John’s Telegram
“Cleverly costumed in a paper dress… a graceful mover and clown… ”   Susan Walker, Toronto Star

Play With Fire
Staged reading at Buddies in Bad Times, directed by Caroline Azar, 1996


Blind Eye | A play developed with Mysterious Entity Theatre in collaboration with workshop team Sedina Fiati, Em Glasspool, Melissa Hood, Catalina Motta, and Chris Wilton

Romeo and Juliet: Superstar Ice Miners of Europa | A Mysterious Entity play Kate adapted from her story “The Yoke of Inauspicious Stars,” Carbide Tipped Pens, edited by Ben Bova and Eric Choi and published by Tor Books

The Taming of the Shrew | Adapted the Shakespeare text and directed the production for Mysterious Entity Theatre

Skirting the Edge | Writer/performer with Mysterious Entity Theatre

The Democracy Project | Dramaturge | Ryan Kerr’s play based upon John Rauston Saul’s Unconscious Civilization, developed and performed in collaboration with The Art Gallery of Peterborough

The Cure for Sexual Jealousy | A multi-disciplinary collaboration

Hansel and Gretel | Adapted the tale for Arbor Theatre; subsequently developed it as a musical with musicians Rob Fortin & Susan Newman

SEASKUM:(A)Mended Dream | Works inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Crossings: The Bell of Batoche | Collaborative script development with 4th Line Theatre

Fair Play | Collaborative script development with 4th Line Theatre

4th Line Farm Show | Collaborative script development with 4th Line Theatre

Rag, Tag and Bobtail | Collaborative script development with Ground Zero

Play With Fire, author: | Staged reading at Buddies in Bad Times directed by Caroline Azar


2013 Theatre Trent grant
2011 Public Energy residency grant
2010 Canada Council Grant for Professional Writers: Creative Writing
2009 Honourable Mention Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic (for debut novel
2009 longlisted for the ReLit Awards for debut novel
2009 Ontario Arts Council Theatre Project grant
2008 Ontario Arts Council Theatre Project grant
2007 Ontario Arts Council Theatre Project grant
2007 Ontario Arts Council Theatre Creators’ Reserve grant
2007 City of Peterborough municipal funding for theatre project
2006 Ontario Arts Council Integrated Arts project grant
2006 nominated for the Ontario Arts Council’s K.M. Hunter Artists Award
2005 (as part of Peterborough’s centennial celebrations) named one of the region’s 100 most important performing artists
2005 Laidlaw Foundation funding (in association with Peterborough Dance Collective)
2005 Ontario Arts Council Integrated Arts project grant
2004 nominated for the Ontario Arts Council’s K.M. Hunter Artists Award
2004 Ontario Arts Council Integrated Arts project grant
2003 Ontario Arts Council Theatre Project grant
2003 Ontario Arts Council Integrated Arts project grant
2002 Ontario Arts Council Integrated Arts project grant
1998 Ontario Arts Council Integrated Arts project grant


– Board member of Mysterious Entity Theatre
– associate artist with The Nervous System (artistic director Brad Brackenridge)
– co-founder and counsellor for Peterborough’s
Rock Camp for Girls, 2005-present
– taught movement/performance at Peterborough’s Youth Emergency Shelter with Bill James’
Other Voices, Other Lives project for street-involved youth
– Administrative Assistant for Peterborough New Dance and Public Energy
– Movement instructor at the Centre for Indigenous Theatre’s 2003 summer programme
– Perform as “Namonia Phelps” with musician Curtis Driedger for
In From the Cold, a benefit for Peterborough’s street Youth Emergency Shelter, 2001-present
– Lead singer for girl-punk-band
The Estrogems
– Former board member of Peterborough Arts Umbrella
– Periodicals Manager at Marginal Distribution, 1999-2003
– BA Honours (Cultural Studies) Trent University, Peterborough, ON





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